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I will be announcing the winner of the bot contest on the 25th.

Be sure to tell your friends about the contest, because I want some more comments on the post.



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Stuff Again.

Err…Gaffy00 will be doing this site. What’s your wordpress email?

Also…yeah. Member party is still on, WTH. I don’t care *yawn* and I’m FINALLY preparing for High School. Like…yeah.

I WILL NOT UPDATE THE FRONT ANY LONGER WITH CLUB PENGUIN THINGS. I’ll update on my private blog (the page K, then my life blog)

And that’s all. Have a nice day.

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Server v.62!

I have confirmed the server. It will be Odin-sourced, v.62! So far, everything’s going great. I got pets working, a cash shop, boss warpers, PVP, and other stuff. I thought maybe you guys would like to see some stuff that…is….pretty cool. A new mount for v.62, INCLUDING PIRATES!

This is the new mount. Froggy :D. There’s another one called ostrich, but I haven’t made that work yet.


Pirate Skills 😀


It’s totally AWESOME.

Bad things:

  1. Hamachi needed (wan IP doesn’t work 4 some reason)
  2. Damage cap is 99,999 because of Maplestory.exe (it hosts the server itself)

That’s pretty much it. I’ll post about these more than…CP.

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Member Party…

Geez….another member party for Thursday. Personally, I think that it is a waste of time to buy a membership. So…..a new game will come out for the member party, for the Dance Club…..so I think DJ3K and Astro Barrier/Thin Ice won’t be able to P-L-A-Y.

I don’t care…who wants to work here.

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Anybody wanna stroll around with bots for a day? if you do, comment on this podt. When we have 30 comments(from different people) I will write a script to randomly pick one.


If you post more than once, you will automatically be disqualified!


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Stage Stuff, and a Suprise.

Did you know that Club Penguin is based a little bit on Real Life?


Happy Sad Masks (from the stage)


Stone Lantern, 575. A haiku (japanese poem) has 3 lines….with sylabbles 5-7-5 in each line! Did you know THAT?

Also, a new stage has almost been up (the Squidzoid thing) in Friday.

We might switch domains to wordpress.ORG. That’s the suprise. That means we will pretty much have a copy of the site, but with more flexibility in typing, etc.

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New Catalog

New. Yay. Somebody, please help post. Where are you people anyways?

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