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Website HTML code!

Ok, let me give you how to view the HTML code!

First, right click my website. Highlight “View Page Source” and click it so you will get the site’s HTML code, however do not put  it onto your own website because it won’t work. But it’ll do. So ok, here’s a pic:


Do that and click and you will open up the HTML code for my blog!


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UMA spotted

I found the UMA, and I am currently hiding! Calling ALL of the CPSR members online to go into Mammoth. Mammoth, and location- DOJO. Hurry Up, DOPE they caught me hiding! Quick,, move him in!

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I’m becoming more, and more, and MORE famous ev’ry day! First,

10,000 hits party- 2 penguins came

35,000 hits party- around 10 penguins came

100,000 hits party- a lot!

Freely at Mammoth- like 15!?

Yes, penguinos, I’m becoming famous….. i don’t know why! Give me why I am becoming more famous ev’ry day!?



is where you sign up Puzzle Pirates, and you also let me have 1,500 dollars! You start off with 500 dollars too! Thanks again,

Cyc9 8)

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I’m going to submit a dumb cheat, but in Puzzle Pirates do this:

type /pay protonelz (amount of poe)

And the amount of poe will be duplicated!

So type:

/pay protonelz 1000

and you will get 2000 back!

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