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Marto Mars’s Party

Well, it was a little better than mine, besides, he WAS late like, 15 minutes for the party. Well, this is the list of what we did so far:

First, Marto Mars wasn’t here, and since I was a V.I.P. (Very Important Penguin) I took the party into my own hands, so Marto Mars can still make it to see his penguin buddies.


We then went sled racing for a while. Boy, was it fun.


We partied at the mountain for quite some time, and we stayed there to have fun…


According to Marto Mars’s schedule, we were suppose to tell ghost stories at the campfire, and so, I did….


Then we went hiking up the Penguin Road, which was VERY long time because we walked from the cove to the beach.


At the beach, Marto Mars came and mentioned he went to the cinema (movie theater?) and then we started fishing!


Marto Mars told us to go to the iceberg and he said something about fishing. We fished until I fished a shark, which I ran away. That gave Marto Mars an idea on playing “run away from the bear” or something, then I mentioned Tag. So we played tag…


At the mess hall, we ate a lot! Sorry i don’t have a pic, but I have a group picture!


Ah, Find Four, like my other party! It was tiring, every1 wanted to play me! So I played, but I didn’t lose a game, but Marto Mars ALMOST, i mean, ALMOST beat me!


We went to the snowforts, and we had a snowball fight. Team Cyclone vs. Team Marto. Of course, we didn’t finish the game, but I guess it was a tie.


Then we played old-fashioned hockey. I scored a goal, but we weren’t certain who won.


We went back to the mountain for sled racing, because like, Marto Mars missed it. I didn’t want to sled so I just waited on the mountain.



Then we went to tip the boat. Like my old party.


Then, I wasn’t sure if the party was over. I decided to get off the party, because it was soooooo tiring!


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Marshmellow on a Stick!?

CAMP PENGUIN IS OFFICIALLY OUT! The item is a Marshmellow On a Stick, and it is located at Cove. It’s hard to see with penguins crowding, there is a HUGE campfire at the beach, and there is a WATERFALL! The mess hall is the Pizza Parlour, and it rocks! Here are some pics:

The Town of Camp Penguin, showing me next to the sign!

The giant campfire, located at the BEACH! It’s HUGE, it might shirvel some penguins up!


Ah man, dirty plates to clean! When is it the trainee’s shift?


Me, admiring the wildlife of CP!


Again, admiring, showing BEAUTIFUL wild life!


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