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Rockhopper Tracker!

I have a ROckhopper Tracker, and I found him! He’s right now, 10:41 is snowy River. The Tracker:

Rock Hopper Tracker

I met him 2 times already on the same day with this tracker! Awesome!


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Updating less….

I might be updating less and less, and less, and less everyday, because you know, I LIKE MY NINTEDO DS! I have 18 games, and they aren’t going to play themselves! So like, I might hardly post these days, and just to tell you, I like playing Megaman Battle Network 5: Double Team DS. I am just young, you know? I’m young, real young, I’m less than 12. I beat the game, and I’ll write a review for you.

Gameplay: * * * * * * * *8

Graphics: * * * * * * * 7

Sound: * * * * * * * 7

Value: I guess it’s worth it, I’ll have to say a teensy bit overpriced…..

Tilt: * * * * * * * * * * 10! It has a good angle.

Gameplay: It’s a very good game, new battlechips, and all, but there is a few things.

Pros: It’s easy to control, you get to use multiple NAVIS (such as magnetman, protoman, etc.) and there is an okay on gameplay. You also get to use different teams, Team Protoman and Team Colonel. I used Team Protoman (it’s a bit better if you ask me)

Cons: Well, there are pros, and there are cons. First, LIBERATION MISSIONS. It’s like taking turns with the bad guy trying to reach the bad guy so you fight him so you can access new areas. Also, you can only use 5 MegaChips and only 1 GigaChip. Sadly, it only brings up a 7. Not perfect…. and the final boss is like, SOOOO easy!

Graphics: I’d rather not talk about it. It’s very good just to let you know, It’s so realistic sometimes. It’s just when you’re walking you just go like, flip flop flip flop and stuff. It takes like 20 steps to walk across town!

Sound: Awesome music, new music, whatever. It has action music, if you like those type of music (which I do)

Tilt: It’s a the exact angle, there isn’t anytime where an object blocks the camera of locating at Megaman. The game is fairly easy, so after you beat the game, it just, y’ll know, continue!?

Overall: 80%, great game. It has good gameplay


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A CIRCUS!?!?!!??!

It is now obviously a circus that Rockhopper brung with some decievese EVIDENCE. Yes, evidence cannot be wrong…… Check out the Diary Picture. It has Yarr standing next to a box. Check closer.

– Yarr is wearing a RINGMASTER’S HAT!

– On the ground, there are RIBBON CURTAIN THINGS!

– Right next to the box behind it shows A colorful thing, which looks like a ROULETTE!

Also, written inside says ‘ but I’m sure that all of me penguin buddies will be gettin’ a fair bit of fun out of what’s inside’ Bold is where I want you to check. A circus has fun, dosen’t it? Checking out those tricks, popcorn, and caviar! Also, ‘ There’s so much that I’ll have to bring it in two trips… after all Yarr and I can only fit so much on the ship at one time!’ Again, bold is the important parts. So much, that makes it the Big Top, the popcorn stands, the tents, the audience things, and much more! This makes it VERY interesting……. what do you think? Think I’m right?

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Somethin’ Fishy……

There is something fishy in the server Altitude. Currently EVERYONE, i mean EVERYONE is talking about something about “Messy” or something. I think it’s a team or an orginazation, but any info would be nice. Some penguins yell “MESSY PARTY AT MY IGLOO ON THE MAP!” and stuff. No, I don’t think they mean “messy” as in messy, like dirty. They go “IF YOU’RE A MESSY, I WILL REPORT YOU” and stuff. So any, I mean ANY info would be nice, and if it is happening in other servers please mention it.

C9 8)

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