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100,000 hits party!

 First, we were about thirty minutes early. We went to the meeting place, the cove. We started swimming.


We then, went to the sled racing area, and I won some games, and lost some games. It wasn’t THAT bad, but it was nice, real nice.



Then we went to the dock, and tried to break the boat:


Then, we went to Rockhopper’s ship, and raided his area.


Then, it was the beginning of the party at 10:30. It was ok, I guess. More penguins came while we were there at the cove, waiting.


We went back to sled racing:


After the sled racing, we rested at the top of the mountain, when suddenly I asked who wants to play find four. We all went and played find four.


I played around more than 10 games in a row! Everyone wanted to challenge me, and only one of them beat me! I even had an win-draw! It’s the second one! Some of my games:


We went to the underground pool, and swam in the water (or should I say hovering over the water (lol)


Then we danced in the night club. By then it was around ten minutes past 11:00, so everyone left. What a party!


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I get it….

 Today at MONDAY, and the rest is in there.


Let’s get this party started! First things first, please, um…. hm….. if you have CP B-Day hat, please wear it. We need to celebrate! Say “Cyc Partay Hundred” if you are a new CPSR member and you aren’t in my buddy list. I understand if you have school or whatever, we will be hosting another one.

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New ad!

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