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Riddle me this’

We again, introduce, Detective Cyclone999, in another episode of RIDDLE ME THIS!’ The story:

It was 11:45 when the murder happened. A penguin, known as Asdfasdf789 was arrested for the crime scene… he was arrested because he was there, closest and right next to the victim. And so, we start the crime scene. The victim, Screwball66 was stabbed by a knife.

It was late at night, and I was standing next to the crime scene, when I located something that caught my eye. It was the murder weapon, a dagger. It was right there, next to the victim. I saw that there was something on the victim’s body. It said “E EO”. I didn’t know what that means, but somehow, I questioned some penguins that was close to the crime scene. They mentioned somehow that it couldn’t have been a CPSR troop, but we weren’t so sure. I showed them the note that said “E EO” and they said it wasn’t there during the crime. So I thought to my self and thought what does “E EO” mean. I looked, and suddenly something went straight to my head. On numbers, E = 3 if it was flipped around! So E, EO means 3 30. And if we put a : in the 330, we would have 3:30! I wonder what that meant, but I went to sleep and tried to figure out what did 3:30 mean………

At the morning, I went back searching the crime scene. Then, I thought 3:30 would mean the crook will strike again at 3:30. I kept my PDA handy, just to check out if any crimes took place at 3:30. I double check the crime scene, when there was another note that was there. It said “Pizza Parlour”. I wonder what that meant, but then, suddenly POPPED in my mind that if I combined the note, it said “Pizza Parlour, 3:30”! So I checked the clock, and I was already 3 minutes behind schedule! So, I rushed to the pizza parlour and what I thought was right. Another crime. Blahyomama was shot by a gun. It was a special type of gun, and when I asked the police, they handed me VITAL evidence! The gun had fingerprints! I quickly asked for the result on the fingerprints, and they said ASDFASDF789! I didn’t know how that happened but I actually thought that ASDFASDF789 did it. So, another piece of evidence was handed. A note, that said G EO SF. So i did the same thing. G = 6: 30 5F. What did that mean? I took a coffee break, asking to myself what does that mean. A witness popped out, and said “I know what happened. Let me think… like, yea! I remember, like totally! There was like, a murder, and someone got stabbed, and like there was another murder, on the like, pizza place!” And I asked what’s her name and she answered Happygurl234.

So all the evidence was clear. I asked “how do you know about this?” and she said “Ii…. read it on the news, like, you can like, see everything you do like, on the news!” and I thought…. that made sense. I showed her the notes, and she explained that she thinks 6:30 SF means 6:30 Snow Forts! So I quickly dashed to the snow forts, and to my surprise, there was a penguin named Crookagent Badger. He was holding a gun on one hand, and holding a hostage in the other. The hostage was George Magnificent. He said ” HAHA! You’re too late! Give me 55 grand or else I’ll kill him!” and he mentioned ” I did those murders! Your quite smart, detective, figuring all those clues out, but too bad! You’re too late!” and suddenly the whole CPSR group, including police officers, arrived and pointed their weapons at Crookagent. Suddenly, Crookagent fainted and the hostage was free. The police arrested Crookagent Badger. He was the one that did the murder. But no one knew the whole story. I quickly explained it to them.

  • At 11:45, the murder happened. Crookagent of course, escaped.
  • Asdfasdf789 was the only one there, to see if the victim was all right.
  • He saw the murder weapon, and held it in his hand to see it. That explains the fingerprints.
  • Then, Asdfasdf789 went to find a pay phone to call for a ambulance.
  • There, crookagent put the note on it. It said E EO.
  • Then I arrived at the scene. I check out the note.
  • I figured it was 3:30. Then the rest becomes soooo clear!



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Other stuff.

First, there is a new igloo catalog, which has a tent in it. Yes, a huge green tent. Also, Rockhopper left a surprise in the lighthouse, it’s huge, and it comes out in fall. We’re going to have to wait a while :'(. I always want to find Rockhopper, if you can post a comment on where he is and I can find him, I WILL be your buddy, and other rewards.

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Rockhopper’s Newest Writin’

August 4th, 2007

I have to sail like the wind this time! I be makin’ a special trip to that luminous lighthouse, and there’s no time for dilly-dalling with this special delivery! Ah, what a suprise I’ve got for me penguin buddies this time. There’s so much to bring that I”ll have to bring it in two trips… after all, Yarr and I can only fit so much on the ship at one time! I can’t be giving any clues to what is in those boxes, not just yet, but I’m sure that all of me penguin buddies will be getten’ a fair bit of fun out of what’s inside. (Picture of Yarr standing next to box) Yarr helping me pack the cargo.

End of Journal.

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The Rockhopper’s free item is: A STUFFED PARROT! You wear it on your neck. Pirate Catalog:

Ancient Penguin Monument: 600 coins, furniture item

Feathered hat: I WANT THIS SOOOOOO BAD!: 280 coins

Wall treasure Map: Furniture Item, 250 coins.

New pin is at the Mine Shack, outside at the left, but it’s REALLY easy to MISS it. So you better keep your eyes out.

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Rockhopper = New name

I’m going to call Rockhopper a new name. Rock Hop Per.

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If you find me….

If you find me,

  • Feel free to say like, you rock, etc.
  • Feel free to try and add me as your buddy
  • To be my buddy however, say “CYC NINE TIMES THREE” and I will pay attention to you more.
  • Do not go, you suck, stuff
  • Do NOT swear in front of me
  • Don’t ask stupid questions, like what is your username Cyclone999?

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I updated my toolbar.

I updated my toolbar, and now it rocks. There is even a drop-down menu- that evens lets you visit other websites, such as Watex’s website, Paintboy100’s website, Chewit Dude’s website! Awesome, huh? Just click the Anchor.

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