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My blog worths:

My blog is worth $33,543,543,543,543,543,254,354,243,432,345.00.


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Watex’s party

I’m going to attend Watex’s party at server tundra, 11:30 a.m. PST. Just to tell you if ya wanna meet me.

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I can’t put anymore pictures back up! I filled up 50 megabytes FULL of pictures, so now, I can’t post anymore pictures!

Updated: I’ll try and do what I can. If someone will be genoerous to let me copy their pictures (because copying dosen’t mean uploading) I will be very grateful! Thanks, everyone!

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Nachos = Chips, right. So we are going to kick some CHIPS! The nachos, who have already been taken down by the RPF, our ally, will be our enemy because they are too scared of the RPF. What a nice ally, RPF. Thanks RPF! The nachos are enemies, so when you spot a nacho, OPEN FIRE! For me, nachos are the penguins who wear somberoes, so I don’t know how a Nacho looks like besides the sombero. Stay Undercover, Cyclone999 a.k.a. Cyc9 8)

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New CPSR Base.

I’m creating a improved CPSR Base! Yesiree, it’s going to be hard, and it’s hard not even the UMA’s super bombing techniques can dent it! It has installed cannons and stuff, so yea. It’s going to be a tough one to damage. Also, many of you have trouble getting into the “Battleplans” page. Let me tell you, it’s NOT closed. It has been spotted by UMA Spies, so we just stay like dat. Assistant Commanders and Me only know da password, or some penguins who have been in the CPSR For a long time that I can trust on CPSR.

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