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New Animation

Check this one out:



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Operation Servertaker

We are going to expand! SERVERS TO TAKE OVER:

Begin with- Rocky Road, Altitude, and if possible, Aurora.

Expand with- Tuxedo, Ice Palace, Yukon,

Expansion Begins- Polar Bear, Marshmellow, Vanilla.

Complete Expansion- Mammoth, Blizzard, North Pole, other main servers.

This will be OPERATION SERVERTAKER! Take Rocky Road, Altitude and if possible Aurora. I will be managing Altitude, and Assistant Leaders, take your servers. About 2 per one and troops, MOVE IT

Stay Undercover, Cyclone999 8)

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Rsnail’s birthday

It was rumoured that yesterday was Rsnail’s 60th birthday from 6:00 to 7:00 Mammoth. That was explained by the clones in the snowforts saying something like, Happy Birthday Rsnail! And stuff. Many Beta-testers in too. Penguins thought it was the WORK OF 1FIDDY but it wasn’t.

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I made an improved header that gives you a brief update on what the CPSR does. It’s AWESOME and COOL! Tell me what to add and what to dis-add (lol)

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Speechless Speech


As we set off to the unknown of Club Penguin, who knows what might happen? With caution, we head, unknown of what will happen to us. As we started off to spread off about the CPSR, we are stopped by a group of UMAs. We start to fight back, and UMA is an enemy. We have to get into the unknown to save the captives that the UMA has banned.

We retreat, head back to our home base. At the home base, we use it as a campsite. Currently we have done this before. Before we got the marshmellows on the stick, we were ambushed by the UMA. The CPSR fought back, and we took on the assualt into our own hands. They bailed us down, yet we fought and managed to drove the UMA out of the city. We stayed, being protected under security of the RPF.

Ah, the reunion. We managed to head toward the unknown, when we had a trememdous puffle attack. It was huge, and it was a yellow-ish red colour, and on it was the leader of the UMA. We started our journey, and along the way, we learned things, solving many codes.

We managed to learn how to be a professional surfer, and we became EXPERTS at code cracking and explosives. We learned martial arts and ninja skills. We figured out a way to attack the UMA. As they are blowing up factories, we are like ants to them. I doubt they know we are even CPSR is alive after our last assualt on the UMA. We managed to head to the unknown….. TO BE CONTINUED.

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Orders by me.

Send out troops on: MAMMOTH.

Report back any enemies located. Also, new animations. Check it out! P.S. it might be sort of, plain.

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