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Check this out!

Made by Me!


Credit given to R2DP for his idea.


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Animated Header

I have a new ANIMATED HEADER! YAY! Who likes it? Tell me what to add, and what to take away. I want this page to be cool!

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The battleplans page will be password protected until further notice because I found out that SOMEONE, commented on the UMA site about the battleplans. E-mail


If you are an Rebel Marines or Ninja Captain rank or higher.

Stay Undercover,


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I’m going to decide this.

Okay, I’ve decided this. Since there are sooooo much members of the CPSR, I think I’m not going to keep track of EVERY Penguin in the CPSR. So I’m just going to keep track of penguins who are just Rebel Marines/ Ninja Captains and higher. Dosen’t mean I’m kicking you out, just your names wouldn’t be showing on the page.

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