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Info for all of you.

These are things you must know for now.

Mission Types:

All missions will be divided as A, B, C+, C, or D.

A= Dangerous Mission, very dangerous.

B= Hard Mission, such as spying or something

C+= Average Mission, such as finding a certain spy

C= Okay Mission, such as locating ally base, etc.

D= Easy Peasy Mission, such as writing down a report on Reports page.

Attack Codes:

Code Blue= Simple War with a few penguins, like 1-5

Code Yellow= Average war with about 10-20 penguins
Code Red= War breaks out! Send back-up. Usually 21-50 penguins
Code Black=War breaks out with a ton of penguins including allies and multiple enemies.

I’ll say something like “Code Red at Mammoth, Dojo!” then you will know that War Breaks out at Mammoth Dojo, and it is dangerous because its code red.

Okay, I’m sending all members on a mission. Got it? Your requirements for mission

-Must be member (or able to assess mammoth)

And What your doing:

-Locating UMA spies. Find out where they are, and their plans. Figure out enemy status. Are they at bad status? If bad status, send a report back and members, head on to where the report says.

Mission Rank: B


-One medal for SPY LOCATING

– Maybe a promotion.


Master Cyclone999


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More Hits, more fun!

This site is awesome! Thanks SOOOOOO much for helping me on the hits. Now, even my site is up on Watex’s blogroll! Thanks everyone! I just wondered if you would like to check out my site. Well, this is like the stats:

Best Day Ever: 2,964 hits

Comments: (i can’t be exact, because there will always be more) but it’s over 2150 hits.

Scam: (Ugh, get rid of these, PLEASE) 594, going into 600 (which is BAD.)

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Spy Phone Thing.

The K-6548 spy phone is now only official opened to only the CPSR members. If you didn’t join yet, I will have to terminate your phone until you join. Once you join, your number will be back.

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New Hotmail

I have a new hotmail: colonel_cyclone999@hotmail.com

Colonel was a name I like, and you get the rest. If you wish to contact me about this site, or club penguin, or anything, feel free to email to colonel_cyclone999@hotmail.com.

Waddle on!

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I will put pictures back on starting from now on. This is what they replied back:

Thank you for your email. We love that so many people have created fan sites for Club Penguin.

 It's true that taking credit for something that someone else did is wrong but as long as your
site doesn't promote cheating, hacking, meanness or rudeness and you don't claim to be the creators
 or staff of Club Penguin, feel free to create a site dedicated to Club Penguin.  You can even find
banners for your Club Penguin fan site at: -http://www.clubpenguin.com/fun/fan-banner.htm

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I’m going to say this once or maybe twice (lol) but I do not do meetings. If I come, you are lucky, but if I don’t come, don’t complain because like, I do NOT like meetings. However, if I am on my blog (which is about 1/8 of the day) and I see your sign saying for a meeting right now or something, I might come.

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