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There might be Polar Bears coming out! Know why? Well, first, there is incriminating evidence. The white fur from mission 3 & 4, is mostly part of polar bear right? Also, G did mention that another avalanche happened so that he had to go to that place to help. After the mission, he mentioned that he did find white fur and paw prints. That’s one piece of VITAL evidence.

Also, there is ANOTHER piece of evidence. This is why I really suspected it. There is, at the end, PAW PRINTS on the mountain at the mission. He mentioned it is not puffle or penguin prints, but it looks SO like a bear print. Check it out:


These pawprints are so like from a bear. BUT, how do we know it’s a POLAR bear? The fur is white! If it is white, there is only a polar bear’s fur that IS white. So, I think that’s it. Also, I think the ONLY reason they made the cove and the forest was for polar bears! So, what do you think about this vital pieces of evidence. Suspects:

Penguin having a Polar Bear pawprinter


White Puffle

Any type of puffle 

Polar Bear

Another bear

And if you have a suspect, send em’ in! Also, what billybob says:

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Mission!

New Mission

Hello Penguins!

They day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! The new mission is now available in the Agent HQ. Try it out and let us know what you think! If you tried once already and were unable to get in, try logging off and back in again. We found a bug that needed to be squashed, so thanks for your patience!

You will also notice that some of the sled runs are closed for repair. They should be back up and running in a few days and they might even look a bit different!

In other news: Remember that the Best Outfit contest is still on, so dress up and show off your outfits around town. We’ll be looking for the best!

Until then…Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

Posted by Billybob at 12:31 PM |

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I’ve got it!

Mission 4 Insturctions:

1) Talk to G. Ask him about the alavanche.

2)  Then ask about the life presever.

3) He will help you get into the Gadget Room. Go in.

4) Go left, then pick up the life preserver shooter.

5) Use the map to go into the ski village, then go into the sports shop.

6) Click on the belt on the lime green penguin. Put it into your inventory.

7) Go into the lighthouse via the beach.

8) Go LEFT, and inside a boat there will be a rope. Put it into your inventory.

9) Go back to the ski village, and go into the lodge attic.

10) Where the gone fishing is, there is a fishing rod. Put it in the same square as the life preserver shooter. Then, put the rope on it too. You will have finished the machine.

11) Go to the ski village, and click ski lift. You will be brought to a close-up. Use the pirate belt and put it onto the the close-up. It should work. Also, there will be the same fur from mission 3 near it. Put it into your inventory.

12) Talk to the brown penguin. He will say like, thanks, etc.

13) Go up into the mountain, and then go left and click between the Ridge Run and Penguin Run. You will be doing a maze-like thing.

14) It will always be different. Just keep on trying.

15) After, you will be brought to the end. Where there is a few tube racers. First, get the top one. Using the first one, put it on the sticks on the right to break it, then get the second one. Put one on where the first one use to be, Then fish the third one out.  Put them all on the LEFT, where the rock is, then the rock will fall. Pick up all three penguins, and fish out the last penguin.

16) You’ll be back at the mountain. Talk to G then give him the white fur. You’ll be done the mission!

17) Collect your award and medal, but the letter you cannot collect. It will self-destruct when you close it. So, I will write it down.

Dear Agent,

Your expert work during the avalanche rescue mission uncovered very important evidence. G informed me that you found more white fur that he linked to evidence at the site of the electro-magnet in the case of the missing coins. Great Work!

This raises many questions for everyone in the PSA. An attemped coin robbery and an avalanche- we now know the cause of these mysterious events is neither penguin nor puffle. From the look of things, there is mischief afoot in town. Keep a wary eye on things.

Your keen eyes will be needed again as our investigation continues. I will contact you when the time is right.


PS This information is Top Secret! Keep what you know to yourself.

PSS. This message will self destruct!

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to download the Unofficial Club Penguin Soundtracks, and a lot of other club penguin stuff!

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Sled Races Closed

The sled races are closed because of the avalanche. Also, the new mission everyone is stuck on the loading map screen. If you want to complain, please go to:


to e-mail them, or go to

blog.clubpenguin.com to comment to fix that.

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The new pin is a butterfly in the forest.

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