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CPSR big hit!

Since the CPSR has a fair enough of penguins, I will have to say I am well impressed. We haven’t lost a war in the many wars we had, and I can say is, we even have blogs that have a page about the CPSR! Enough of that, we are expanding troop style! The servers we will most aim on is:

– Altitude*

-Rocky Road*

– Rainbow

– Half Pipe*

– Blizzard

(starred means where I will usually be + that’s where we are MOST focused on)

Altitude & Rocky Road are quite new, and Rainbow too. I will usually be at the Altitude or Rocky Road (mostly Altitude if possible), and will be staying near the cove and the Agent HQ, even though I will be everywhere.

Cyclone999 out! Troops, move!


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Click here to find out why to stop hacking at once. Also, I have my own explaination:

Club Penguin uses the money and puts 10% of their money to give to poor children all around the world. The money is used to pay for the Internet Service Providers, which is hosting a website WITHOUT a domain. A domain for this website is wordpress, so WORDPRESS is the main website. Also, if everyone was just hacking, and NO one was just paying to become a REAL member, Club Penguin will shut down because of no money for the Service providers. Club Penguin WILL shut down, and so, for the non-hackers it will be unfair because they can’t play CP just because of hacking. I hope this will inspire you into STOP HACKING!

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The new game was supposed to be Waddle World, but it’s called Waddles, and you can get it NOW! It sort of sucks, though, hey, it’s a game! Download it here:


But I’m warning you, it isn’t as good as Club Penguin. It has a theme park, a movie theater, a beach, Sub Spot, Cafe, Changing rooms, and you can only become Red, or blue. There is a ninja suit you can get, just by clicking the ? in the changing room.

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Rockhopper = RH

Rockhopper has a new nickname that others call him. It’s RH, or Rock Hopper.

I prefer calling him the Rock Hopper, but everyone calls him RH. I don’t know why, but it’s sort of dumb.

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Did you know that if you search “club penguin cheats” in google, this blog is on the SECOND PAGE! We get lots of hits that way. It’s before Flowery Guy’s Website! WOOT! WOOT! Before Chunky55, before Joshua9999’s Site too! We rock! Keep up the good work every1!

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New Servers

More servers!

U.S.A.: Matterhorn, Bobsled, Ice Box, Bunny Hill, Walrus, Deep Snow, Altitude

Canada: Snowfall, Caribou, Ice Pond

U.K.: (nothing)

Austrialia: Snowy River, Big Snow, Brumby

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