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I’m making movies

I’m going to make videos! I first want to do an interview with someone on Club Penguin. This might be short notice, but please come to server Crunch, and into the coffee shop. I will ask some questions about you. I’m expecting someone from the CPSR, so we can make a semi-advertisement. Thanks guys! It’s on right now though!

Server Crunch, Coffee Shop.


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New CPSR Mission.

I’ve taken time to create the new mission of the CPSR:

Name of Mission: Copycat Stoppers.

Rank: C+


Help me tell Dyoski that he shouldn’t be copying all my stuff onto his own website without giving me credit. Also, if possible, tell him that he shouldn’t swear on other peoples website, becuase he sweared on mine. This is the #1 Mission that we need.

Click Accept Mission to be transported to Dyoski’s site to begin. Click Decline Mission To Return to home page.

That’s all.



Click Accept Mission to be transported to Dyoski’s site to begin. Click Decline Mission To Return to home page.

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Help against CPAM.

We are now OFFICIALLY enemies with the CPAM (Club Penguin Astro Morphers) because the leader, DYOSKI, copied ALL of my things. But he lives in Singapore or something. So please anyone who lives near there, Oh, he lives in Philippines and Singapore. I can’t find him because I live in Canada, so I wouldn’t be online when he is offline, so I just need some penguins, who live somewhere there, help me track him done and question him. Some penguins please comment on his site so much about Copyrighting my things that he wouldn’t be able to delete them all. Put him out of buisness. Dyoski, if you are reading this, here is my message to you:

Stop Copying all of my things. If you don’t give me credit, OR if you don’t delete them, I will report your site. You know I will. I know how. If you report my site, why? Also, the CPAM is going down! We are the “Professional” of Club Penguin, and we are so gonna win against the CPAM. Surrender now, we are gonna have war.

OK Team, please help me bring down the CPAM. We can do it, there team only has like, 3 people! And also, 2 of them is Dyoski and his side account. So yeah, they are wanted. We were like friends, until he COPIED all of my things without my OK, and now, we are having war.

In other news:

BrianK2355 is the winner of the contest! Yay him!!!!!! Guess how he won:

3 contestants, Beancuz23, Thomas121379, and BrianK2355.

Beancuz23’s number is: 13

Thomas121379’s number is:  6

BrianK2355’s number is:  15

13 + 6 + 15= 34. So they complete in this order:

BrianK2355, Beancuz23, Thomas121379 because that’s how they complete their contest!

I counted 34 times, BrianK2355, Beancuz23, Thomas121379,  BrianK2355, Beancuz23, Thomas121379,  BrianK2355, Beancuz23, Thomas121379,  etc. And I ended up with BrianK2355, which that means he’s the winner!!!!

Promotion in the CPSR: He is now an Assistant Commander! It might be full, but he won, so yeah! He dosen’t need to fit into the requirements!

Be my buddy: He already is lol!

Your site put up on my blogroll: Which site BrianK2355?

Award up on site: Coming Soon….

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Friday, August 31, 2007

Sport Shop

New Sport Shop!!

Hello Penguins!

If you haven’t already been there, be sure to check out the updated sport shop! Not only does it include some of the sports items you’ve been asking for, but it also includes the first ever UPGRADES to games! If you surf with one of the new boards or play ballistic biscuit with a wakeboard, it will be easier to earn even more coins! For those of you who are non-members, we have some brand new backgrounds for you to add to your player card and we’ll add even more stuff in the future.

Be sure to check it out and let us know what your favorite new item is!

In other news: The new pin was released today! You can have fun finding it on your own, or better yet, form a search party to find it with friends! Also, we’ve got even more cool stuff planned for September including a HUGE fall party, and soon after that’s done a brand new way to decorate your
penguin! But I can’t say anything more than that for now.

Until then… Waddle on!

– Club Penguin Team

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All of you please choose a number between 1-25. You will find out why sooner. If you do not pick, I will just put the First Two Digits of your penguin name numbers.

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New catalog, it’s the new and improved SPORTS SHOP CATALOG! Yesiree, open it during at: Sports Shop and get a personal catalog from the sports shop! Here is the cover:


The coolest thing is that you get to buy Surfboards and Wakeboards. Surfboards are the things you can switch when playing Catchin’ Waves, and Wakeboards are for Ballistic Biscuit! Awesome, but there is actually really some new items:

Tennis Racquet, Flame Surfboard, Daisy Surfboard, Pink Striped Wakeboard, Yellow Arrow Wakeboard, Baseball Background,

And the others are ALL from the Sports Party month, was I believe was May 2006. Happy surfing!

New Pin:

Baseball, Boiler Room.


Plus How to Get the Silver Surfboard! I figured it out myself.

First, go to the Surfboard Page.

Click the green penguin.

Then, Click the shell and the Starfish on the catalog page to make them glow, revealing a silver surfboard!

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Ok, whoever can find people who copied stuff off my site without giving me credit will be my buddy. I found:


He copied this much:

Anyways, i didn’t “Join Teams” and stuff and anyways, he copied-

My Pictures
My Rankings
Even my pages
My Battleplans
My Base
My Funny Pictures
My old theme
Some of my sentences
All of my allies (he dosen’t even know if they allied with his team yet lol)


My posts, my pics.

Please help me complain with them. Blogs:

http://www.dyoski.wordpress.com (we also might be having war with them due to this, please stay calm.)

http://www.smartgirl235.wordpress.com (not too much, focus on dyoski.)

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