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If you find Rockhopper, comment here and I will try and get there. If it is true and I get it, I will put you as an “admiral” in the CPSR Rankings, or you will get a promotion. TELL ME PLEASE I’m DeSpErAtE


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This has been SO BAD! I went into CRYSTAL, and someone said he was at the pizza parlour. I went to the plaza, AND ROCKHOPPER WAS THERE! But I was walking to the pizza parlour, and when I got out, HE WAS GONE! WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

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The avalanche has been attacking the SKI VILLAGE and the MINE SHACK. All troops are evacuated from those areas. Stick near the iceberg as possible, as because the iceberg is away from the CP Island. I expect all troops to be evacuated from the island as much as possible. However, if you are finding Rockhopper, I suggest that you play it safe.

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