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I made a MASSIVE update on the Funny pictures place, and now it has 66 pictures.


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War Brewing…..

War is brewing inside Club Penguin- AND IT’S UP TO US to destroy the new world war. The REBEL WARS! Facts:

Main Enemy: UMA

What Year: 2007, New tech being invented

What: Rebels Wars I

Where: All of the U.S.A. flags., Mainly Mammoth


It all started between the ACP and the UMA. They both couldn’t STAND each other. They had tons of war, and the RPF joined the ACP. Now, it has returned. The anger, the conflict, the war. Now, as we join hands, we will destroy the UMA and terminate them from the HISTORY OF CLUB PENGUIN!

Okay, this is my orders:

Breed open more weapons. There will be a new weapon every 2 weeks. This weeks is the Obsidian Battleax. The info:

Created by a very skillful viking penguin a long time ago, this weapon can absorb the powers of any weapon created. It is also the only weapon that can rip through the fabric of space (which is very risky). The blade of the weapon is made of pure obsidian and the handle is made of steel. If it fell in the wrong hands, Club Penguin is doomed forever…

And so, its inside the BIG rock in the cove, and if you don’t know what it means, its the bottom right one. To get it, you have to break open the rock (THIS IS FAKE OKAY?) and you have to drill it for 5 seconds. Only then will you have assess to the Obsidian Battleax. However! If it did fall into the wrong hands, the CPSR will have to use its only weapon against it which is the BATTLE AX destroyer. Only Assistant and General Commanders have assess to that, and it is stored inside the treasure room. I will use it if I have to, and the penguin that holds it wrong, their ax will perish FOREVER.

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My orders:

Complete an entire CP search on server Mammoth on the UMA. Start from anywhere, and scan all the rooms.

After the scan, if any UMA spotted, report to the REPORTS page. Men will come and help (i hope :))

At Friday, 3:00 p.m. PST there will be a war in the dojo against the UMA, ACP, and others. We are on the PMA side. Every penguin helps. HOWEVER, if your a non-member, you do not have to go. Mammoth is almost impossible to go in for non-members. All members are expected to make it. I will not be there i think.

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