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Newsletter one:



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Info for all of you.

Orders from Cyclone999:

-When you come to this page, always remember to check the ‘Reports’ page before checking anything out because that’s where CPSR members say they need help or something.

– All troops are all into firing the UMA down. When spotted, if you can handle it, like one or two troops, give chase quick, throwing along the way. If more than 5, report into Reports page.

– All troops are NOT supposed to be firing at allies. If spotted firing at allies, you will be suspended from CPSR for 1 day, than 2 days, than 5 days, then 10 days, then 20 days, then  40 days, then 80 days, then 160 days, then 320 days, then forever.

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Hunt the UMA down!

Hey, I have a plan! The steps:

~We take down all UMA spies

~They give up, and give us info

~We take info and spy on UMA

~Take the UMA down, and their group will be scattered!

~Using the scattered groups, we send each of them a letter saying that UMA is bad, and you shouldn’t join. Give up, etc.

~After all the groups are settled, direct them to the blog

~ Then, they become CPSR members and help us

~ We will have the UMA + CPSR to attack.

~Take down the ACP and RPF down

~Do the same thing

~ Then, we solve the problems and bring peace to CLUB PENGUIN!

Does that sound like a plan? WHOS WITH ME?

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Should I make CPBFS? Club Penguin Best Fishermans Society. I like it. You know in the beach, there are fishes and nets? Well, we can pretend to sell, and fish at the side of the beach! Or the dock! CPBFS has only one requirement- Beat the game of Ice Fishing. It’s easy! Do you like this idea?

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