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Band Created!

The band has been created. However, we have no rehersals yet. Join the band at the “BAND” page. Many spots open!

P.S. I am the Conductor/Piano Player Backup/Drum Kit Backup


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Should I make a band? If I do, these are what I need:

Members: Electric Guitar, Violin, Tuba, Snare Drums,

Non-members: Singers, Maracas, Whistle, piano playing

And I also need a name. Something exciting, but not like the EXCITING CPSR PENGUINS THAT WILL ROCK YOUR SOCKS OFF! or something. Like, the Rebel Alliance Band? Something like that. Thanks! Oh, if you want to help me with a band, you can sign up here!

P.S. If we are doing this, I’m doing piano playing/ maracas

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To be ma ally,

To be my ally, there are some tasks. Here are the stuff:

-You can’t be allied with UMA

– You must give a summary of your team. (see below for example)

-Your blog must have over 500 hits.


My group is the CPSR which stands for Club Penguin Secret Rebels. It is a club that tries to make peace in club penguin, but if there’s war, we will have to do what is done. We have a medium sized team, and we are not beginners. If you wish to be allies, join at http://www.cyclone999.wordpress.com for more details. Waddle on, Cyclone999!

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CPSR song!

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh sorry, it’s just my new song is weird. Here:

CPSR rocks rocks rocks my socks in a storm, in a storm!

CPSR rocks my socks in a storm in Club Penguin!

CPSR is so cool in a storm! In a storm!

CPSR is so cool in a storm in Club Penguin!

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35000 hits party!

Another party! At Bluelad4’s igloo. Celebrate with us! Here are the facts:

Who: Cyclone999,

What: 35000 hits party!

Where: Bluelad4’s igloo, server Rocky Road

When: 11:00 a.m. Penguin Standard Time, Monday

Why: This website has been viewed over 35000 times + plus CPSR has been a great hit!

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I wear….

I wear a hat. Another hat occainsually, which is the Wizards hat. It can zap enemies with magic. It’s powerful. I wear that and the mining helmet.

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Most Wanted!

angel81- Leader of UMA, rewarded greatly if captured and rewarded more if made her quit Club Penguin

mpenguin- Same as above.

Pink Mafias- OWNER of UMA, even though she isn’t going to play for another year, and wanted much greatly than angel81 and mpenguin. Though banned forever, take down UMA pm which is her second account.

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