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Rate My Site!

Rate my site between 1-100. (one to one hundred). Vote honestly, and if you give low, tell me why and I will try and do what I will try to do. One is the lowest and One hundred is the highest. Fifty is middle. Write like this:

Rating: (your rating between 1-100)

Why: (why you rate that)


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It’s Decided!

I’ve decided it will be ” Club Penguin Master Ninjas” (CPMN) and it’s going to be cool! It will be allied with CPSR, and so the same rankings, and everything. CPMN and CPSR are going to be like SUPER allies that they share almost everything! If you join one, you join the other! Except, CPMN will be mainly NINJAS, and CPSR will be mainly REBELS. Three cheers for CPMN!

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New Club!

I want a new club, so I can own two. The only thing wrong is that I need a name. A cool, awesome name. CPSP (Club Penguin Secret Pirates)? CPMA (Club Penguin Master Agency)? The only requirements is that it can’t have over 6 characters in the abbreviation, and you have to tell me what it stands for. Simple as that.

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Look at me. I found another secret club penguin website! Here:


And it goes into a website to tell you to update your bookmarks! LOL!

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