Hi people!

Hi! I’m the new owner to this blog/site. I found it when I was a lot younger… When it was a Club Penguin site… Now I’m not exactly sure what to post about so do you think you guys can give me a hand? What do you want to see? And as you all know no innap. stuff.




I will be announcing the winner of the bot contest on the 25th.

Be sure to tell your friends about the contest, because I want some more comments on the post.


Stuff Again.

Err…Gaffy00 will be doing this site. What’s your wordpress email?

Also…yeah. Member party is still on, WTH. I don’t care *yawn* and I’m FINALLY preparing for High School. Like…yeah.

I WILL NOT UPDATE THE FRONT ANY LONGER WITH CLUB PENGUIN THINGS. I’ll update on my private blog (the page K, then my life blog)

And that’s all. Have a nice day.

Server v.62!

I have confirmed the server. It will be Odin-sourced, v.62! So far, everything’s going great. I got pets working, a cash shop, boss warpers, PVP, and other stuff. I thought maybe you guys would like to see some stuff that…is….pretty cool. A new mount for v.62, INCLUDING PIRATES!

This is the new mount. Froggy :D. There’s another one called ostrich, but I haven’t made that work yet.


Pirate Skills 😀


It’s totally AWESOME.

Bad things:

  1. Hamachi needed (wan IP doesn’t work 4 some reason)
  2. Damage cap is 99,999 because of Maplestory.exe (it hosts the server itself)

That’s pretty much it. I’ll post about these more than…CP.

Member Party…

Geez….another member party for Thursday. Personally, I think that it is a waste of time to buy a membership. So…..a new game will come out for the member party, for the Dance Club…..so I think DJ3K and Astro Barrier/Thin Ice won’t be able to P-L-A-Y.

I don’t care…who wants to work here.


Anybody wanna stroll around with bots for a day? if you do, comment on this podt. When we have 30 comments(from different people) I will write a script to randomly pick one.


If you post more than once, you will automatically be disqualified!


Did you know that Club Penguin is based a little bit on Real Life?


Happy Sad Masks (from the stage)


Stone Lantern, 575. A haiku (japanese poem) has 3 lines….with sylabbles 5-7-5 in each line! Did you know THAT?

Also, a new stage has almost been up (the Squidzoid thing) in Friday.

We might switch domains to wordpress.ORG. That’s the suprise. That means we will pretty much have a copy of the site, but with more flexibility in typing, etc.